Lyndonville school district adds 2 WiFi spots in community

Posted 15 May 2020 at 9:23 pm

Press Release, Lyndonville Central School

LYNDONVILLE – We are proud to offer extended WiFi for the community during this time of Covid.

We have strategically positioned at two locations access points in our community. These mobile units are active and are positioned in the parking lots of the White Birch Golf Course and The Oak Orchard Assembly of God on Route 104.

The range of these access points mounted on the Lyndonville School vans is approximately 200 feet. Please park near these vehicles while practicing social distancing when accessing the WiFi wireless interent service.

After arriving onsite you may need to refresh your list of WiFi access points to have the unit appear.

The network name is: Kajeet SmartBus

The password is smartbus (all lower case)

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