Lyndonville offers personalized graduation for seniors

Photos courtesy of Lyndonville school district: Isabella Carrasquillo gets a horse-and-ride to the school last Friday when the district presented her and her 44 other classmates with her diplomas. Her family arranged for the carriage ride.

Posted 8 June 2020 at 9:13 am

Press Release, Lyndonville Central School

Class President Faith Chaffee shared a message with her classmates: “Congratulations Class of 2020! Even though this wasn’t how we dreamed graduation would be, we made the best of it. I wish you the best of luck in your futures endeavors.”

LYNDONVILLE – Lyndonville Central School began their personalized graduation ceremonies on Friday for each of their 45 graduates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict restrictions in place by the CDC, the Class of 2020 was unable to have a traditional graduation ceremony. After weeks of meeting, researching and planning, the officers of the Class of 2020, parent advisory panel and school administrators decided to create a personalized graduation ceremony for each senior that was videoed and will be shared through YouTube.

In cap and gown, each senior walked into the Stroyan Auditorium to the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance. Select family members watched with pride as their child was welcomed by Superintendent Jason Smith, High School Principal Dr. Aaron Slack and a representative from the Lyndonville Board of Education. Dr. Slack provided a highly personalized speech for each senior reflecting on special moments throughout high school.

“After working with most of these young people for the past six years, it was a rare opportunity to share the many reflections and memories acquired along their pathway toward graduation,” said Principal Slack. “This was not something that a traditional graduation ceremony affords. I will carry many found memories of the Class of 2020 and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.”

After the ceremony, the graduate and family were able to have pictures taken by a professional photographer. Each graduate was given a personalized cookie from Case-Nic Cookies and a wrapped gift from Superintendent Smith. Graduates were told to open the gift following the superintendent’s speech that will be shared during the full gradation video to be aired on June 26 at 6:30 p.m. This video will include speeches from the Class President Faith Chaffee, Valedictorian Oskar Heinsler, Salutatorian Evan Horn and school administrators. A link to view the video will be provided on the district’s website prior to June 26.

Johnathan Slingerland was joined by his family during the diploma presentation last Friday.

Following the June 26 Graduation Ceremony video, the district will be holding a vehicle parade so the community can honor and celebrate with the Class of 2020. This event will be coordinated with local officials and all participants and spectators must follow the social distancing requirements. A parade map and additional information on this event will be posted on the district’s website.

“This was an extremely special and personalized day for each graduate and their family, and I was honored to be a part of,” said Superintendent Jason Smith. “Thanks to our senior class officers, parent advisory panel and my graduation staff for their exceptional leadership in planning the event. We look forward to premiering our entire graduation on June 26 and hope the community will join us for the vehicle parade to honor the Class of 2020.”

Dr. Aaron Slack, high school principal, offered a personalized speech for each graduate, including Danielle Weldon.

Alyssa Winder was among the graduates in cap and gown on Friday. A video of ceremony will be shown on June 26, when there will be a vehicle parade with graduates after a video of the ceremony starting at 6:30 p.m.

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