Lyndonville, Medina will have June 17 shared sports open house

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 April 2019 at 10:40 am

Medina welcomes more Lyndonville students in Mustang band

Photo by Tom Rivers: The Medina Mustang Band performs Sept. 22 during its home show at the Fall Festival of Bands.

LYNDONVILLE – Medina and Lyndonville have set June 17 for an open house on the shared sports programs, given students and parents from both school districts a chance to meet coaches, athletic directors and other school leaders from both districts.

Lyndonville will host the open house in the evening on June 17. The time hasn’t been set yet.

The two districts starting sharing some programs six years ago, first with boys varsity soccer.

That has expanded to eight shared programs. Lyndonville hosts the boys volleyball, girls varsity soccer and the musical program.

Medina hosts a merged boys varsity soccer, varsity football, cross country, the marching band and swimming.

Both school districts in February approved new four-year agreements for the shared programs.

District leaders met last week to discuss an increased outreach for the shared programs. They decided to have an open house on June 17. Besides coaches and athletic directors, the open house will include the district superintendents, leaders of the Board of Education, and the Sports Boosters from both districts, said Jason Smith, Lyndonville district superintendent.

He would like there to be an annual open house, with the districts rotating as the host site.

Smith discussed the shared sports open house during Monday’s Board of Education meeting in Lyndonville.

He also said Jim Steele, leader of the Medina marching band, would be meeting with Lyndonville students this week to welcome them to be part of the band this fall. Lyndonville usually has had two to five students in the Medina band. Steele would be happy to welcome more Lyndonville students in the program, Smith said.

Medina band leaders also will have a parent meeting in May in Lyndonville.

Lyndonville has a marching band that performs in the Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades. Medina’s band performs in many competitions during the fall and spring.

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