Lyndonville-Medina musical honored for overall excellence by Stars of Tomorrow

Photos by Tom Rivers: Danielle Schmidt (left) is the Fairy Godmother and Elizabeth Whipple is Cinderella in the production of Cinderella by Lyndonville and Medina schools. It received one of 10 awards for excellence in overall musical production at the Rochester Broadway Theatre League's 24th annual recognition ceremony, the Stars of Tomorrow, on Thursday.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2022 at 10:29 am

ROCHESTER – The musical production of Cinderella by Lyndonville and Medina students brought home many awards on Thursday night at the Stars of Tomorrow competition in Rochester, which recognizes the top school musicals in the Rochester area.

Students from 25 local schools come together at Stars of Tomorrow for an awards show that includes performances from the schools on the Rochester stage.

Lyndonville and Medina’s musical won several awards. The schools in the competition used to be separated by size in different divisions. But now they all are in the same division. The Lyndonville and Medina as well as Albion were up against Greece Athena, Greece Odyssey, Pittsford Mendon, Victor, Brighton and other much larger districts.

• Lyndonville and Medina won one of the 10 awards for excellence in overall musical production.

• Lyndonville and Medina also was recognized for excellence in student orchestra and excellence in vocal ensemble.

• Lyndonville and Medina performers also were honored for overall excellence in performance in a leading role: Elizabeth Whipple as Cinderella and Danielle Schmidt as the Fairy Godmother.

Beginning at noon today, there will be online voting for the top high school performers in Rochester to have a chance to go to New York City in a national competition – the National High School Musical Theatre Awards or Jimmy Awards.

Schmidt and Whipple both were nominated to be considered for the NYC event. Click here for more information, beginning at noon today.

Greyson Romano is Lionel in the musical Cinderella. He was recognized as a “Future Star.” Here he is shown announcing there will be a ball for the prince.

Lyndonville and Medina performers also received these awards:

• Future Stars – Emani Fuentes and Greyson Romano

• Special Recognition – Rory Smith and Seagan Majchrzak

• A Round of Applause – Andrew Austin, Auston Bentley and Tessa Zeitz

• A Tip of the Hat – Annabelle Follman and Emani Fuentes

Elaina Huntington, center, plays the Stepmother who is shown with her two daughters. Emani Fuentes is Joy, left, who snorts when she laughs and Annabelle Follman is Grace, who is often itching her arms. All three are mean to Cinderella and don’t want her going to the ball. Funetes and Follman received “A Tip of the Hat” for their acting in the show.

Seagan Majchrzak is Queen Constantina and Henry Rigerman is King Maximillan. They are the prince’s parents and they conspire to throw him a ball where he must dance with every woman. Majchrzak received a special recognition award from the Stars of Tomorrow.