Lyndonville BOE’s appointment of athletic director caused controversy in community

Posted 11 July 2019 at 10:28 pm


I attended today’s Lyndonville Board of Education meeting this morning. I’m taken back by what I witnessed in that meeting! I’ve never been one to attend meetings such as this, but with the growing controversy over the A.D. position, I wanted to see firsthand how it got handled. Privately I’ve spoken with people on both sides of the debate, prior to this meeting and formed my own opinion. The outcome at this meeting was to replace the current A.D. with someone else.

Now the issue I have with this isn’t the qualifications of either individual, or their ability to fulfill the requirements of the position. It’s in the Board’s lack of transparency! The situation could have and should have been handled more professionally.

By the removal of Mr. Dillenbeck and appointment of Mr. Zeliff the board created an uncomfortable situation for both of them, and the community as well. The current Board could have given Mr. Dillenbeck a chance to make changes. Instead they made, in my opinion, the wrong decision. Any and all repercussions should fall directly on the Board!

This is a great opportunity to remind the Board that they were voted into a position to do what’s best for the kids! Also being reminded that they work for us! The community who voted them into their current position can or will use that same voting privilege to remove them from their obligations to the students!


Stephen Bane Jr.