Lyndonville Area Foundation boosts scholarships, commits to other community causes

Posted 4 May 2018 at 4:49 pm

Press Release, Lyndonville Area Foundation

Photos by Tom Rivers: Fireworks on July 4, 2015 are shown through the through the row of trees by the sports fields in Lyndonville.

LYNDONVILLE – The Board of Directors of the Lyndonville Area Foundation is pleased to announce that distribution of funding is off to a brisk start for 2018.

In addition to sponsoring a Program Day for the newly inaugurated Leadership Orleans program through Orleans Community Action, the Lyndonville Area Foundation proudly continues its support of the Orleans County Adult Learning Service with an additional $4,500 donation made earlier this year.

The Lyndonville Area Foundation continues its annual support and cooperation alongside the Town Of Yates with a $7,500 contribution towards the Summer Recreation Program at Lyndonville Central School. The Foundation has generously contributed to the summer program since its inception a number of years ago.

With its long-standing close-knit ties to the Lyndonville Lion’s Club, the Foundation’s Directors unanimously agreed to assist the Lyndonville Lion’s efforts towards their creation of another memorable 4th of July event. The Lyndonville Area Foundation was pleased to honor the Lion’s request for $4,000 to assist in their 4th of July fireworks spectacular plus an additional $3,500 contribution to the Lion’s for their Main Street parade and afternoon music entertainment.

“The Lyndonville Lion’s Club creates a remarkable day-long 4th of July festival,” said Foundation President Darren Wilson. “Their efforts make the 4th of July truly the highlight of the year for Lyndonville and the behind-the-scenes work of the Lyndonville Lion’s Club is unquestionably deserving of our full support.”

Additional funding by the Foundation in the amount of $5,000 was recently provided in support of the Cornell Cooperative Extension Ag-In-The-Classroom program at Lyndonville Central School. And for the second year in a row, the Foundation’s Board of Directors agreed to funding for the “Shake On The Lake” event, a professional live performance of Shakespearean interpretations.  This year’s contribution of $3,000 will support Shake-On-The-Lake performances at outdoor venues in Lyndonville and the Town of Yates later this year.

A 14-member cast from Shake on the Lake performed Romeo & Juliet behind the Yates Community Library last August. This signs directs people to the play.

The Lyndonville Area Foundation is also pleased to announce a $1,000 increase in three of the Foundation’s annual college scholarships available to graduating seniors at Lyndonville Central School. The Josie Gracey, Mabel Stroyan and Director’s scholarships will now be $5,000 each while the Foundation also voted to increase the number of  Frank B. Housel Jr. scholarships from two to three. The Frank B. Housel Jr. scholarships are $4,000 each.

The Foundation also introduced the addition of two brand new scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each and which are designated as the Founders Memorial Scholarships. The Foundation also administers the Trevor Cook Memorial scholarships and the Skinner-Wilson scholarship through the Cook family of Lyndonville and the Donald O. Skinner family of Oneida, New York respectively.

The Lyndonville Area Foundation may be reached at P.O. Box 545, Lyndonville, NY 14098.

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