Lots of travel through multiple time zones can dim the mental acuity

Posted 4 July 2024 at 9:54 am


Got back two weeks ago from Italy, my wife’s homeland, of which she previously, legally became a US citizen. No sooner here, our group decides to have a trivia contest, winner free meal at Red Lobster.

Well, in preparation, decided to watch “Jeopardy” for seven days, using Ken Jennings as my “coach.” I failed miserably! And with just cause. The international travel was 26 hours of uncomfortable “tourist seating.”

Caught a cold, (ten days to get an appointment with a doctor), felt Ken was overwhelming me with info on the categories on “US Borders”, “Foreign Policies”, “Inflation” (thank goodness “only temporarily”). I was over prepared and very tired.

My wife has defended me, “He’s the sharpest between 10 a.m. thru 4 p.m.” The dang contest was in the middle of the week at 9 p.m.!

Another conflict: I’m president of our local shuffleboard board. The talk is they want to get rid of me, I “shuffle” too much. And if I quit, the next in line for president is a woman who knows very little about my job. I am determined to hold my position at least till November.

As Walter Cronkite use to say “and that’s the way it is.”

Charles Woodworth

Englewood, Fla.

Mr. Woodworth is a former apple farmer in Lyndonville.