Lots of options to grow Albion besides a new drug rehab center at Clover Hill

Posted 27 February 2023 at 7:31 am


Wow, seems I have stirred up a hornets’ nest in regards to the proposed drug rehab at Clover Hill. Good!!!! That is what America is about, isn’t it? We can voice our opinion.

I spent 25 years in prison, I should mention, as an employee. I have family members who are drug addicts. I have friends who lost a child to drugs.

I do understand the strain drugs are putting on society. I watched the revolving door court system first hand while working at the prisons. It’s even worse now with the current coddling court system our liberal politicians have put into place.

How about we start at the top, with the person sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office in DC. This person claims the borders are secure. So, I must assume, the borders are secure, so no illegal drugs are entering the USA from the borders. Right?

To the person regarding the empty derelict downtown Albion. Have any ideas? Attend the board meetings? Where is the codes officer? Drive around Albion. Trash all over, abandoned cars. Burned out buildings. Trash cans left at the curbs for days. Cars parked on front lawns for days. The list goes on and on.

Medina has an industrial park that is shovel ready. Does Albion? No! Therefore where are the employees and businesses – in Medina.

Thank you to the new owners of 39 Problems for opening. And the coffee shop at the old corner pharmacy. Have been to both and plan on continuing to frequent them.

Was hoping a Veterans Outreach Center or senior living facility would take over Clover Hill. Both desperately needed in Albion.

Can’t wait to hear all the negative replies on here and Facebook. How about some real answers then? Step up to the plate, open a business in downtown if you can afford it. The old Ames plaza has a couple empty stores.

How about something that is Albion-based, Santa Claus-themed?

You have a good opportunity right now to get the ball rolling in opening a good family business. Several vacant buildings downtown. Lots of time to build your business plan and get opened just as the canal bridge and the main thoroughfare in Albion reopen. More employees!!

My opinion is and will remain, no drug center at Clover Hill. Put it in your neighborhood if you think it is so great. Open up one of the closed prisons.

Thank You to Orleans Hub for this time to voice my opinion.

Paul Roberts