Lonsberry was right, Sobieraski is a proven leader with a heart for others

Posted 24 June 2019 at 1:39 pm


This is response to Scott Smith’s letter to the Orleans Hub on June 19. I’d like to break it down just a bit. His letter is in response Bob Lonsberry’s endorsement of Brett. Mr. Smith’s first line in his letter was, “Bob, you don’t get it.” Wrong. Bob gets it, you don’t.

Everything Bob Lonsberry said about Brett is 100 percent accurate. The two most important things he said were, “Brett Sobieraski won’t let you down” and “Brett Sobieraski doesn’t let anybody down.” That’s what you can expect from him every single day.

Mr. Smith then goes on to say that, “Bob Lonsberry admires the guy because he can run long distances and carries a gun to work.” Well Mr. Smith, I think he admires him for why he ran long distances and swam the width of Lake Ontario. He did it for charity. He raised over $80,000. He seeks no personal glory. He likes to help people. That’s who he is, that’s what he does.

You also stated that Brett was an outsider. Once again you’re wrong. He’s lived in Orleans County for 27 years and built his house in Kent with his own two hands. Just because he has worked for the RPD for the last 30 years doesn’t mean he doesn’t love this county and the welfare of its people. To think otherwise is ludicrous.

Ask the older farmer from a couple of summers ago that was bailing hay by himself on a sweltering day while Brett was out for a run. The farmer would do a couple of bales, hop off his tractor and load them on the wagon then get back on the tractor to do a few more. Brett saw him struggling so he ran back to his house, got some gloves and help him bale his hayfield. That’s who he is, that’s what does. You can not question his integrity.

Mr. Smith also asked whether we liked what we see when we look outside the window. I like the serenity but I don’t like what Orleans County has become with the opioid epidemic we’re facing. Brett Sobieraski has a plan for that and it’s a good one. One that will work. He’s more than qualified to be our sheriff. Just read his campaign ad right here on the Hub.

There’s a lot more to this man and all the good things he has done that I can ever write in an e-mail. The only thing you did get right in your letter Mr. Smith, is when you said, “Do the right thing Orleans County.” Doing the right thing would be to vote for Brett Sobieraski as the next Orleans County Sheriff.

Tim Jurhs