Lonsberry misses mark with endorsement; Bourke is proven leader for Sheriff’s Office

Posted 22 June 2019 at 4:58 pm


Bob Lonsberry is an amazingly talented broadcaster. He can think quickly and articulate himself perfectly and in ways the rest of us wish we could. Bob is unquestionably one of the most successful and popular radio personalities in the United States and I am proud to call him my friend.

But Bob is dead wrong regarding who should be the next sheriff of Orleans County, where I live!

I am sure the man running against Undersheriff Chris Bourke for sheriff of Orleans County is a fine person with an impeccable record in law enforcement, but that career was spent mostly in Rochester and Monroe County, where money is no object.

Chris Bourke is the better cop to run the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department.

Chris Bourke knows Orleans County from top to bottom and from side to side. He knows the people and more importantly he knows what the people of Orleans County need and want.

Sheriff Bower and Under Sheriff Chris Bourke have figured out how to survive with what we have available by conducting business in the best interest of the citizens of Orleans County.

In Monroe County, where Chris Bourke’s opponent works, money is no object. We can’t afford to elect a sheriff who doesn’t understand the needs of the people of our county.

So who is the better cop?

For my money it’s Chris Bourke.

While attending a fundraising rally for Chris Bourke in May I watched as many people came up to Chris and thanked him for his 35 years of service to our county.

One older gentleman came walking up and shook Chris Bourke’s hand and said, “you have my vote, even though you arrested me twice for DWI.”

Chris treats everyone fairly and with respect regardless of the circumstances. If a man Chris Bourke arrested two times wants to vote for him, then he must be the best cop for the job.

The best cop to be sheriff of Orleans County is the officer who puts his life on the line for his County.

On August 18, 1997 a call came in to the 911 center in Orleans County for a domestic dispute. It was a dark night and Deputy Bourke was working the midnight shift. Chris Bourke and two other state police troopers and the Albion Police Department responded to the call. The gunman pointed a long gun directly at Chris Bourke’s patrol car and then took off. A chase took place on route 104 to the town of Kendall where a standoff occurred! The gunman left his car and walked straight toward Deputy Bourke and the other officers firing his shot gun.

Deputy Bourke fired back striking the gunman once. Chris Bourke’s patrol car took several direct hits from the gunman.

Who is the best cop to be the next Orleans County Sheriff?

A sheriff who would put his life on the line for us!

In order for a sheriff to succeed, and do what’s best for the residents of his county, and to provide the sworn and unsworn personnel in his department with the tools they need to properly and safely do their jobs he must be part executive, part commander, part problem solver, part financial planner, part politician, part counselor, and part protector.

Chris Bourke is all of those things and more.

Jim Salmon


(Salmon is the host of the Home Repair Clinic on WHAM 1180.)