Long-time Republican leaves GOP, with Trump and Collins the clinching factors

Posted 25 January 2017 at 2:53 pm


My Declaration of Party Independence: after almost 50 years as a Republican, I invoke Will Rogers saying that I don’t belong to an organized political party, I’m a Democrat.

I had joined a wide-spectrum party with room for Conable, Keating, Javits, Goodell and Nixon.  GOP politics has shifted far right and abandoned those closer to the center.

The last insult was Congressman Collins and Orleans Chairman Morgan endorsing Trump.  President Trump says he has the highest confidence in his own ability.

I would have hoped that any President would have higher allegiance to the Constitution, American political institutions, democracy or even the Lord Almighty. “In Trump we trust” is not an acceptable motto.

Rep. Collins has led a “Millionaires Club” with hot stock tips for investing overseas (“Australia First”?). I sincerely hope that our local Republican officials were included in these hot tips and will spend their riches locally.

If they were NOT on the insiders list, why not?  I am sure that under Trump era rules, Collins is considered ethical but his overseas stock schemes stink.  Even “alternate facts” do not excuse him.

I have no illusions that my new party is somehow superior or more ethical but at least they oppose Trump.  Perhaps we could fire Rep. Collins and find a less wealthy candidate who would cherish an American job.


Gerard M. Morrisey