Long-time Clarendon resident bids farewell to Orleans County and New York

Posted 9 August 2023 at 2:01 pm


This is an open letter to Kathy Hochul:

Queen Kathy, you win! We’ve just sold our Orleans County home of 30 years and are leaving your realm forever.

This conservative, gun toting , bible thumping Christian, lifetime New Yorker is joining the mass exodus of taxpayers from your state. As our new address is in South Dakota, we are NOT moving because of the weather as your predecessor famously claimed so often. It’s because of you and the most dysfunctional state government in the country.

The out-of-control taxes, thousands of hidden taxes called “fees”, prioritizing illegal immigrants over taxpayers and our own citizens in need, ridiculous overregulation, the pro criminal / anti police attitude, anti-business policies, and the “woke” culture you promote are the reasons we are leaving.

We will enjoy 4% sales tax, no state income tax, better roads and services,  lower crime rates (except for two Democrat-run urban areas) and a Republican governor that prioritizes the state’s citizens’ rights and desires over those seeking a handout or are here illegally (by definition, Mr. Fine). There is much less regulation, very little slanted liberal BS and a state that is run like a business – not a day care center.

The only reason NY’s population decline is not double or triple what it is can only be attributed to the number of social services seekers that are pouring in from states that actually expect people to work for a living and contribute to society when possible. People are far better united – unlike the divisiveness your predecessor excelled at and you carry forward.

South Dakotans rely on facts when voting – not “feelings.” Real data holds more weight than the liberal “feel good” policy de jour.

All new businesses are welcomed on a more even keel, not like in NY where special privileges are awarded to certain new businesses – usually in direct correlation to their campaign contributions. Then a lot of them disappear when the handouts are gone (witness Batavia’s Ag Park).

Law enforcement is appreciated and supported in South Dakota. They don’t pay millions of dollars to rioters and looters and there are real consequences for criminal behavior. Public safety is more important than the liberal thirst for some unrealistic utopia where bad people with bad intentions don’t exist. South Dakotans also recognize the undeniable fact that criminals don’t care about overly restrictive gun laws.

County governments in South Dakota are allowed real local autonomy, unlike NY. Our devoted and very capable county legislators, led by Lynne Johnson, are effectively powerless over Albany’s incessant attempts to control everything about our lives – from the unrealistic and dangerous overnight change to renewable energy (including the appliances we can buy) to making it almost impossible to fulfill our God given and Constitutional right to protect self, loved ones, and property.

State government in South Dakota actually strives to unite people, unlike your promotion of division and hostility toward those of a different political persuasion.

Did I mention that South Dakota is a state that is represented equally? Democrats and Republicans, as well as independents, care more about the state of the state than retaining a political stronghold over extreme left liberal policies or extreme right conservative ideals. Disagreements don’t devolve into name calling and temper tantrums. Problems are discussed, negotiated in a civil manner, and resolved.

As you continue to be a follower of West Coast extremism, you will further damage this state’s economy and its citizens’ quality of life.

I just can’t figure out if your socialistic reign over NY citizens is powered by greed or ignorance. I think most likely a lot of both.

Goodbye, Mrs. Hochul.

Borrowing a phrase from Johnny Paycheck, “Take this state and shove it.”

Bob Harker

Clarendon (for a couple more days)