Long list of back-to-school supplies is stressful for families

Posted 3 October 2018 at 1:06 pm


Thankfully, we have survived the yearly nightmare of finding correct supplies for our children to start school. When I had children in school, the list was logical and doable. Now students are expected to bring (among 20-plus other things) Kleenex, batteries and maybe 20 glue sticks.

I was helping a family of 7 children, and started going bat crazy finding the stuff on the lists.  There is no way I could do it right, so I gave up. I was told to “go to Ministry of Concern.” Really?

Like they need to shop for color-coded folders on top of the zillion other things they do? My Niagara County friends donated a ton of things that their kids never used so I sent that stuff to the schools. Not one person I shared my frustration with disagreed with me. All said that this is just outrageous.

If the district can spend millions on a new access road to the middle school, air conditioning for 2 months  a year, and sports, then Tissues, soap and crayons (not “dollar store” and don’t forget the brand name scissors… ) should be in the budget.

I was a department head at a school and school supplies were in my budget. Kids purchased some spiral notebooks and pens. We had a class set of scientific calculators that lasted for years.

Come on boards of education, do the right thing. This whole thing contributes to bullying (“ I brought  brand name stuff, not like your crap”) and anxiety … and wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate some of it. We can. Demand a change. I made my call to the superintendent.

Debby Rodrigues


Grandmother for 7 children