Local wrestlers win titles at annual Holley Tournament

Contributed Story Posted 15 March 2016 at 12:00 am

Over a dozen local wrestlers earned individual weight class titles at the annual Gold Force Holley Wrestling Club Tournament this past weekend.

The local winners included Preston Flugel from Albion; Samuel Kingsbury from Medina, Parker Denning and Andrew D’Augustino from Kendall along with Camron Thorn, Kaden Rheinwald, Zach Day, Trent Wright, Josh Silpoch, Aro Kruger, Mason Moyer, Antonio Farruggia, David Farruggia and Morgan Blosenhauer from Holley.

Earning second place honors were Matthew Armstrong, Danny Shuler and James Fox from Kendall along with Peyton Wright, Jacob Silpoch, Cecilia Farruggia, Erik Balys, Ricky Hodge and Aiden Robbins from Holley.

Local third place finishers included Rashawn Bloom, Sawyer Kingsbury, Breydin Miller and Cole Herman from Medina along with Matt Hahn, Eli Stanton, Joey Camacho, John Blosenhauer, Dylan Murphy Bell and Nate Schoonmaker all from Holley.

The fourth place finishers included Sydney Brown and Liam Castricone from Medina, Jon Soule from Kendall along with Hunter Smith, Nate Silversmith, Brandon Gardner, Arianna Silversmith, Miguel Vasquez, and Jack Newman all from Holley.