Local school leaders meet with high-ranking state education leader

Posted 22 August 2013 at 12:00 am

Press release, State Assemblyman Steve Hawley

BERGEN – Officials from four Orleans County school districts met with a high-ranking leader in the state Education Department on Tuesday. The meeting at Byron-Bergen Central School was arranged by State Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R-Batavia).

State Deputy Secretary for Education De’Shawn Wright met with more than 20 local school superintendents and Board of Education members, including leaders from Albion, Holley, Kendall and Lyndonville school districts.

The gathering provided local education leaders with an opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions on the challenges facing schools and teachers in Western New York, as well as what the state must do to improve local education.

“The fact that the governor sent such a high-ranking education official to our community shows that our calls for fair aid allocation and greater control of our schools are being heard,” Hawley said. “Issues such as Common Core, mandate relief, special education programs, and eliminating the Triborough Amendment, Gap Elimination Adjustment and frivolous lawsuits were examined.”

“The local education leaders in attendance did a terrific job of illustrating to Deputy Secretary Wright the need for equitable school aid regardless of geographic location or socio-economic status,” Hawley said. “The meeting helped make the point to the highest levels of the State Education Department that children in low-wealth school districts deserve the same opportunities as kids in wealthier areas. I thank Deputy Secretary Wright for taking the time to travel to our community as well as all of the local education leaders who did such a tremendous job showing how much Western New York cares for its students.”