Local political power structure works against outsiders with questions

Posted 1 August 2016 at 2:41 pm


I am not surprised of the one-mindedness of the Murray Town Board. Perhaps that is what has bolted them into the limelight this past year with discontent from 2nd Amendment advocates and those who were woken up over excessive taxation.

They seem to be obsessed with Mr. Sidonio having the gall to aspire to run for a position on the Town Board. Maybe it’s because he’s not of the same mind. Politicians seem to fear that and will go through lengthily effort to ward off that kind of evil.

I see nothing wrong with what Joe (Sidonio) wrote. He speaks the truth. Mr. Morgan is not a small government advocate. He has endorsed probably one of the most progressive big government Legislatures in the history of Orleans County.

This legislative body is constantly spending money and growing the government complex. Under Mr. Chuck Nesbitt’s leadership the citizens have gotten one tax cut in 11 years. None of the legislators bat an eye – not even the lone Democrat.

Always blaming Albany. Yet every year new projects to expand continue to take place. Never giving it a few years’ rest out of decency to show the people that they count, too. I’m not speaking of basic functions and repairs but genuine expansion that would make Chuck Schumer smile.

I’m told every time I question these undertakings it will make money for the county. Yet no tax cut. Where is all this money generated by government? Last Wednesday at the county meeting I’m told that the free software from the State is no good that’s why we have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it from private companies. While I agree some may be better, shouldn’t the tax payers be put first? I believe it’s just preference or maybe use of a favored company. At any rate it is a matter that this Legislature should address but probably won’t.

Exposing what political figures in high positions take advantage of every day in our government is quite admirable. While what Republican Party Chairman Ed Morgan has taken advantage of is perfectly legal, does it pass the test of the appearance of being ethical? This is more a reflection on the character of the Town and Country Governments that it is on Mr. Morgan.

While I would deny no person the opportunity to take health care from an employee I do not condone paying someone not to take it if one already has it. I do not condone the giving of longevity bonuses when few ever leave a gravy, pension guaranteed, paid holiday, sick day, recession-proof and depression-proof government job.

Even when they do attempt to leave, many don’t and continue on double dipping. I have been told that these people have valuable experience and expertise. Perhaps, but anyone in the know knows it a payback for being a good soldier programmed to doing what they are told, never questioning anything and keeping it in La Familia – the power families.

Our local governments are an organization run much like the mafia. Certain families in the County and Towns hold the power and can bar the door if an outsider tries to come in with common sense, and fresh ideas that may put the money back in the peoples’ pocket, instead of lining theirs.

If I lived in the Town of Murray, I would vote for Joe. We need more Joe’s. Be a Joe. What a great bumper sticker.

Paul Lauricella Jr.


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