Local officials should oppose Cuomo’s police reform which makes communities less safe

Posted 26 February 2021 at 12:49 pm


I have noticed that it has come time for Governor Cuomo’s racist, anti-law enforcement, police reform executive order to be complied with. This is the same individual that allows criminals a revolving door to recommit with no cash bail. He is accused of senior genocide, being a bully and a sexual harasser.

This man is unfit to mop the floor at a brothel let alone run a state. I think nothing will happen to him and he will be re-elected. He is a Democrat, therefore nothing to see here.

What I find most reprehensible is our local police, legislators, mayors and town boards going along with this garbage. Does getting money now or in the future mean that much to you that you would spinelessly cede to a man that is truly using racism to fight phony racism and police brutality? All this will do is further embolden criminals and further impede law enforcement from doing its job. The criminal element will rule the day. The citizens will be less safe.

Most reasonable people would be glad to be rid of these individuals and breathe a sigh of relief that they can no longer be a menace to society. Unfortunately it is law enforcement that have to deal this criminal type in the end and they get demonized, hated and lied about by the ill-liberal press and politicians for just doing their job.

For me, when a violent white criminal is jailed or shot and killed by the police, I thank God and pray that the police officer wasn’t injured ridding the earth of such scum and am glad I never had to encounter such a person. I thank God there are policemen. If the perpetrator was roughed up a little in his resistance to comply, Good! Don’t resist. The problem isn’t the police. It for sure is not racism. It is those who commit the crime, do not reasonably comply with authority and are violent by nature.

Those in charge and elected should tell Cuomo and his racist executive order to go to h-e- double hockey sticks. You open this door at our peril. The law abiding citizen. They are not going to stop this nonsense unless you push back.

A disrespected law enforcement will one day walk off the job and let the progressive social workers and racist ministers handle the calls. Let them walk in a cops’ shoes and see how they deal with it. This will eventually happen because none of you elected have a spine. You are letting the criminals win.

We live in a world ruled by the aggressive use of force. The criminal will never let up on that aggression. Let the police do their job and stand behind them.

None of you should be re-elected if you go along with this. I fully expect the hate from the progressive left and right defending the indefensible. I don’t care.

Paul Lauricella