Local musicians take a stand against bullying

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 October 2014 at 12:00 am

Sing ‘We Are The World’ in video they hope goes viral

Mike Whiting of Albion sings a segment of “We Are The World,” in a version that targets bullying.

Many of the stars in the local music scene have joined their voices to the classic song, “We Are The World.” Except this time instead of raising awareness for hunger in Africa, the local singers are trying to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying.

The video (click here) was produced by John Wragg of Middleport. He finished the 12-minute video over the weekend, in time for World Anti-Bullying Day today. October is also Anti-Bullying Month.

Wragg said he was bullied as a child. He was so distraught he slashed himself in the right wrist when he was 14. The scar remains 46 years after that incident.

Wragg, in the video, challenges viewers to take a stand against bullying. He wants the video to go viral and challenges people to take a video of themselves with an anti-bullying challenge for three other people.

The video opens with the Rodemeyer family from near Buffalo. Tracy and Tim’s son Jamey was 14 when he committed suicide on Sept. 18, 2011, after years of relentless bullying for being gay.

Mrs. Rodemeyer said the family, including Jamey’s sister Alyssa, spreads the message that bullying is destructive.

“We want them to know the dangers that are out there,” Mrs. Rodemeyer says in the beginning of the video. “Bullying not only affects the victim but it also affects the family, friends, teachers and other loved ones.”