Local governments should be extra wary in spending money right now, including grant funds

Posted 17 July 2020 at 7:17 am


Attention Town of Yates board members. I am making you aware of this because I have not been paying attention to what you have been up to for the last 3 months since there have been no open town meetings and I’m very mad at myself for that. I have just looked at the minutes and I find things to be very disturbing.

I am sick to my stomach and incensed that you would put forth resolutions, Resolution 67-7/20 one that that would handcuff our already demoralized local law enforcement from doing their job. For money! Your job as town fathers is to make sure the safety and wellbeing of this town and its citizens is first and forefront. Not appeasing to Marxist anti-American communist terrorist groups that wants to end civilization or a maniacal Governor.

Since the passing of the globalist manifesto comprehensive plan this town has been on a grant-crazed high. The citizens of the town of Yates have to suffer the consequences. For money!  Resolution 67-7/20 is also a bag of dung. It is asking you to discriminate against one group and give preferential treatment to another. For money! How much is your self respect and dignity worth? Selling out the police? Discriminating against one group to appease another. Everyone seems to have a price. What is yours? Grant money? I’m just getting started here.

There are people lining up for food every week in our county – 300 and more boxes of food gone in minutes. The givers are running out of things to give. Not everyone there is because it’s a chance to get free food. But it’s happening and you out-of-touch, devoid-of-reality politicians are giving the Highway Superintendent 105,000 dollars to buy a new mower. I can’t believe that during a time of pandemic you would even consider this. I would put that purchase on hold because you look like your uncaring to the taxpayers.

The state is in a self-inflicted billions of dollars deficit. The local taxpayers, many broke to their core, are not going to be able to pay their school and property tax and you all act clueless and allocate this money. There is no bailout coming from the feds or the state. Then you do a resolution to override the tax cap.

You spend and spend then give yourself the right to raise our taxes. Then there is this insane park project that is going to be a bigger burden to the taxpayers. Have you been down there lately? You should go try to have a cook out and let the kids play in the goose droppings covered grass. There is goose droppings wall to wall in the grass by the grills and pavilion as big as dog droppings by the thousands. Not very appealing to bring your family to or even walk around to look at the lake.

It would be very unwise to pass those resolutions FOR MONEY. The police will not forget who has and who does not have their backs. You need to have their back and let them know you do. Pull back that 105,000 that you are going to need it to run the town. Highway can live another year. Stop spending money liberally. There really is no conservative thinking on this board.  This has to be going on in other towns, too. Stop taking grant money.

Paul Lauricella