Local Conservative Party opposes marijuana legalization, expects significant human cost

Posted 2 April 2021 at 8:22 am


The Orleans County Conservative Party opposes the legalization of marijuana. This will not end well for the people of our state.

There will be an increase of minor participation. There will be a significant human cost. All the failed hypocritical flip-flopper Governor Cuomo and far left wing State Legislature see is dollar signs to feed their out-of-control spending practices and green tyranny.

The strains of pot today are super strong and can make people very paranoid, even cause mental damage. If cooked and ingested in improper doses can cause an overdose and loss of control of breathing and consciousness, maybe even behind the wheel.

It lowers the fertility and sperm count in males. It lowers ambition. There will be a significant rise in black market sales to evade taxes and for fear of being known as a pot consumer. This will lead to more people progressing to use harder drugs with a high cost to society in crime and the death of loved ones destroying families to the core left to cope.

For every tax dollar the state gets it loses 10 in society, according to SAM-smart approaches to marijuana. The cost to treat the future addictions will be more than they will take in. The idea that the mindless progressive government of NY is going into the drug dealing business ought to scare reasonable people to the core. What could possibly go wrong?

The DA and local law enforcement are right about this one. Thank you Republican state representatives for voting against this. Drugs and alcohol are no good and one is better off not ever using them.

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman