Local Conservative Party leader says he will keep spreading party message

Posted 12 August 2021 at 4:34 pm


I have never been even remotely enticed to respond to one of Conrad Cropsey’s letters. They have the logic of an LSD trip, ramble on about nothing. They are just that bad. Typical leftist backwards thought on steroids.

I think he has “I’m the smartest man in the room syndrome” as he treats the readers of Orleans County once, twice, sometimes three times a week with his off-the-wall opinions and authoritarian outlook.

No Mr. Cropsey, I will not step down. My job is to tell the truth and spread the conservative message. I do my job very well. No I will never apologize for telling the truth. I never accused the military. I told the truth about Biden’s use of them. Again your backwards interpretation of my words.

It is you who should apologize to the military, to the ICE agents on the border front line, to the people on the Texas border and to the entire United States of America for voting for a president who is allowing this illegal invasion and spreading this pandemic. This pandemic now belongs to Biden, the Democratic Party and the fraud Fauci. My opinion.

I say again: What American President would allow his borders to be breached, ordering no resistance with Covid-19 infected people from 150 different countries, then allow them to move secretly and freely throughout a sovereign nation? Especially since this pandemic was under control and the spread coincides with Biden’s open border policy over the last 6 months.

No, Mr. Cropsey, I don’t want you to leave or retire (although your thought process would be better suited for Seattle, Washington). You just keep embarrassing yourself and writing, often. I will never advocate to stop you or anyone like you.

Paul Lauricella


Mr. Lauricella is the Conservative Party chairman in Orleans County