Local churches offer great music, art and hope

Posted 2 November 2019 at 12:32 pm


This past Sunday, we joined 60 others in a bus tour of four area churches. The tour included an appreciation of the architecture, art or history of each church, plus a demonstration of the antique organ at St. Mary’s in Medina and the Bell Choir at St. Joseph’s, Holy Family Parish, Albion.

The Bell Choir was amazing, a wonderful demonstration of agility, skill and thrilling music.

Holy Family is blessed with this Bell Choir, 15 members, vocal choir—20 members of nearly equal number of men and women, many of whom are musically trained.

They are conducted by the creative choir director and virtuoso orgainst, Harriet Greaser. She knows the skills of her musicians/singers and utilizes them to their maximum: Six-part harmonies, wonderful duets, most remarkably,  Shannon Vanderlaan and Joe Condulucci recently.

The choir’s tonality, especially on complex harmonies is top-flight and thrilling. St. Joseph’s Church fortuitously, projects music beautifully. We also attended 8 a.m. Sunday Mass recently.  Kelly Kovaleski and the Folk Group were likewise thrilling.

We are big music (and art) lovers. We’re out at night a lot, hearing great classical and jazz, in Rochester, Buffalo and Myrtle Beach. But we’re often wowed by the quality of church music and the art and architecture of churches.

Also, at Holy Family, the sermons/homilies of Fathers Dick and Patryk and Deacon Jim are enlightening and entertaining.

We recommend church as a source of hope, love and music and art!

Marg and Bob Golden