Local cagers take part in Carolina camp

Contributed Story Posted 4 July 2017 at 7:39 pm

Contributed Photo – Albion’s Caitlynn Snook, right, recently teamed up with nine Wilson players to take part in the University of North Carolina’s Team Basketball Camp at Chapel Hill, N.C..  The Wilson players included Maddie Mocarski, Morgan Faery, Sarah Lewis, Sarah Yousett, Shea Munnikhuysen, Amanda Murray, Julie Reagan, Skylar Munnikhuysen, Anna Frerichs. They attended clinics run by the UNC staff and players, played 4 games in the Dean Smith Center (home of the 2017 Champion men’s basketball team), played in Carmichael Arena where Michael Jordan played all of his games and a few other gyms.  They stayed in the dorms and met teams from California, West Virginia, Florida and the Carolinas. “After months of fundraising and receiving generous sponsorships from friends and family members, the girls were able to fund the trip.  The experience was one in a lifetime and the players will never forget the memories they made.” said Wilson Coach Brian Baker. “The girls won some games and lost a few but the trip itself will be a lifelong victory. Every team we played complimented our girls on their hard work in the games but more importantly their sportsmanship. The girls even won the Weekend Shooting Contest for their league and the camp! “