Local attorneys back Church for judge because he is most qualified for the job

Posted 4 November 2017 at 9:11 am


On Tuesday, I am asking that you cast your vote for Sanford A. Church, for County Court Judge.

Upon reading various comments over the past several weeks, it appears that there is a misconception about the role of the County Court Judge. The Judge does not get to “make-up” the laws. Instead, the Judge’s function is to apply the existing laws to the facts of each case. In order to do so, the Judge must first have a solid understanding of those laws. As others have noted before me, Sandy far exceeds this requirement.

In Orleans County, we should be grateful to have Sandy as a candidate. I have worked for Sandy as an Assistant Public Defendant. I have also had numerous cases against him throughout my legal career. I know firsthand that he is an extremely knowledgeable litigator and his expertise spans virtually every area of the law.

Why are no local attorneys running against Sandy? It has nothing to do with “the establishment” or insider politics, as others would like you to believe. The answer is simple – he truly is the most qualified person for the position.

It is not enough to be a good attorney and be familiar with a couple of areas of the law. The position for County Court Judge requires you to be experienced in all areas of the law. You have to be exceptional, and this is the best way to describe Sandy. He is a gifted jurist and we, as members of the community and as practicing attorneys alike, would be fortunate to have him as our next County Court Judge.

Joanne L. Best