Local assemblyman decries funds for DREAM Act, sanctuary cities

Posted 7 February 2017 at 7:38 am

Press Release, State Assemblyman Steve Hawley

State Assemblyman Steve Hawley, R-Batavia, issued this statement on Monday:

“The package of bills passed today by New York City liberals is irresponsible, politically motivated and downright dangerous. We are talking about bucking federal immigration law and using New York’s tax dollars to protect people who are here illegally. Sanctuary cities leave the door open for crime and strip our local law enforcement of the powers necessary to enforce immigration law and protect our families.

“It illustrates the volatility of such legislation that only New York City members could stomach voting yes on one measure to bolster sanctuary cities and protect illegal aliens from being deported. This is clearly Mayor DeBlasio pushing his liberal agenda on upstate and another reason why we need to bring my ‘Two New Yorks’ bill to the floor for a vote.

“Why are we talking about giving away free handouts through programs like the DREAM Act, when legal, middle-class families across the state are struggling to afford a college education and already face the highest taxes in the nation? All these bills fly in the face of already-established federal law, make our communities less safe and place a larger financial burden on taxpayers.”

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