List of candidates for town and county offices in upcoming election

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 April 2023 at 5:22 pm

The candidates for town and county offices have submitted petitions to run for the offices. The petitions have gone through an initial review by the Orleans County Board of Elections.

There are seven Republican primaries on June 27 with contests in Barre, Kendall, Murray and Shelby.

The general election will be Nov. 7.

Here are the candidates who have submitted petitions to run for local offices:

Orleans County

Sheriff – Chris Bourke, Republican and Conservative

County Legislator (at-large from west) – Skip Draper of Medina, Republican

County Legislator (at-large from central) – Don Allport of Gaines, Republican

County Legislator (at-large from east) – Ed Morgan of Murray, Republican

County Legislator (District 1) – Bill Eick of Shelby, Republican

County Legislator (District 2) – Lynne Johnson of Lyndonville, Republican

County Legislator (District 3) – Fred Miller of Albion, Democrat

County Legislator (District 4) – John Fitzak of Carlton, Republican

Town of Albion

Town Supervisor – Richard Remley, Republican

Town Council members – Darlene Benton and Terry Wilbert, Democratic Party

Town Clerk – Sarah Basinait

Highway Superintendent – Michael Neidert, Conservative, Democrat and Republican

Town of Barre

Town Supervisor (pick one) – Scott Burnside, Conservative and Republican, and Sean Pogue, Republican

Town Council members (pick two) – Kerri Richardson, Conservative, and Margaret Swan and Kirk Mathes, Republicans

Town Clerk – Maureen Beach, Democrat

Highway Superintendent (pick one) – Dale Brooks and Bert Mathes, Republicans

Town Justice – Earl Jenks Jr., Republican

Town of Carlton

Town Supervisor – Gayle Ashbery, Republican

Town Council members – Dana Woolston and Brian McCue, Republicans

Town of Clarendon

Town Supervisor – Richard Moy, Republican

Town Council members – Allen Robinson and Bruce Hovey, Republicans

Town Clerk – Susan Colby, Republican

Highway Superintendent – Tracy Chalker, Conservative and Republican

Town Justice – Thomas DiFante, Republican

Town of Gaines

Town Supervisor – Tyler Allport, Republican

Town Council members (pick two) – Rick Ebbs, Democrat, and Ronald Mannella, Democrat and Republican

Highway Superintendent – Mark Radzinski, Republican

Town of Kendall

Town Supervisor – Tony Cammarata, Republican

Town Council members – Margaret Szozda, Democrat; and David Bentley and Barbara Flow, Republicans

Highway Superintendent (pick one) – Warren Kruger, Republican, and Eric Maxon, Republican

Town of Murray

Town Supervisor – Joe Sidonio (Republican and Conservative) and Gerald Rightmyer, Republican

Town Council members (pick three with two positions for four-year terms and the third for two years) – Eric Collyer, Lloyd Christ Jr., Randall Bower and Elaine Berg, all Republicans

Town of Ridgeway

Town Supervisor – Brian Napoli, Republican

Town Council members – Mary Woodruff and Duane Payne, Republicans

Town Justice – Joseph Kujawa, Republican

Town of Shelby

Town Supervisor – Scott Wengewicz, Conservative and Republican

Town Council members (pick two) – Jeff Schiffer, Linda Limina and Justin Gray, all Republicans

Town Clerk (elect one) – Darlene Rich, Democrat, and Christine Pask, Republican

Highway Superintendent (elect one) – Dale Root (Republican and Conservative) and William Wolter (Democrat and Republican)

Town Justice – Ed Grabowski, Conservative and Republican

Town of Yates

Town Supervisor – James Simon

Town Council members (elect 2) – Paul Lauricella and Steve Colon, Conservatives; and John Riggi and Susan Hrovat, Republicans

Town Clerk – Michelle Harling, Republican

Highway Superintendent – Roger Wolfe, Republican