Lisa’s Dance Boutique owner takes a final bow after 47 years

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 May 2024 at 3:55 pm

Heather Kelley will take over dance studio in Holley with Lisa Bower-Logsdon to continue as teacher

Photos by Tom Rivers

HOLLEY – Lisa Bower-Logsdon is hugged by Kamryn Berner, one of her faculty choreographers, at the end of Saturday’s recital at the Holley Junior-Senior High School Auditorium. Heather Kelley, second from right, and Caitlin Milizia, the other choreographers on staff, move in to congratulate Bower-Logsdon on her 47-year career as the owner and dance instructor at Lisa’s Dance Boutique in Holley.

“The dance studio became my second home, as I know it was for so many of our students,” Bower-Logdson said. “It was there that I met such wonderful families and made everlasting friendships. Bot now, it is time to pass the torch to capable hands and I am confident that this studio will continue to thrive.”

Lisa Bower-Logsdon thanks the community, the dance families, her staff and her family members for their support in her 47 years of running the dance studio. Her choreographers join her on staff, including from left: Heather Kelley, Kamryn Berner and Caitlin Milizia.

Bower-Logsdon announced her retirement from owning the business at the conclusion of the Saturday night recital and that Heather Kelley will become the new owner. Bower-Logsdon will continue to work as one of the dance instructors.

“It is time to take my final bow,” Bower-Logsdon said at the end recital, which was attended by 650 people.

Bower-Logsdon said Kelley brings a love of dance, children and community. Kelley has coached the Holley cheerleaders and served as a dance instructor at Lisa’s for 27 years. Her dancers are regulars in the finals at the State Fair and one year won a state championship.

“Her passion for dance is unlike anyone I know,” Bower-Logsdon told the crowd about Kelley. “And when it comes to choreographing dance or cheer, she is one of the best.”

Saturday’s show included Bower-Logsdon’s granddaughter, Emilia Logsdon, in the baby tap class. Bower-Logsdon said teaching dance to her granddaughter has been an extra joy this year. Emilia is shown here during the “Baby Take A Bow” number. Emilia is doing leaping toe, back step.

Lisa started her dance studio as a junior in high school, first operating out of the St. Mary’s hall and then the Presbyterian Church before buying a building in the Public Square in 1991. Lisa’s has been there since. This year she had 200 students with most from Holley, Kendall, Albion and Brockport.

Bower-Logsdon said her parents, the late George and Sandy Bower, nurtured her love for dance and urged her to open a dance studio in Holley. Lisa praised her husband Kevin Logsdon for his steady support, including countless hours of maintenance with their building, and she commended her children Lauren and Mike and their families.

Bower-Logsdon said her fellow dance instructors over the years are the “unsung heroes behind the scenes.” They include Jill Bower, Beth Friedo, Caitlin Milizia, Alana Piccirilli, Malia Gardner, Lora Bower and Kamryn Berner. All started dancing at Lisa’s when they were young children.

“Together we’ve laughed, cried and brainstormed choreography,” Bower-Logsdon said. “Your creativity knows no bounds, and you commitment to our dancers has been nothing short of extraordinary. As I retire, I leave you with the legacy of collaboration and camaraderie that defines our studio.”

Lisa Bower-Logsdon sits close to the stage and helps guide a a tap dance from her young dancers. The number was called, “When I Grow Up.”

Caitlin Milizia, 33, has been part of Lisa’s since she was 3. She started as a staff choreographer when she was 17. She drives in from Webster to be part of Lisa’s Dance Boutique.

“She has been my role model for my whole life,” Milizia said. Her love for her dance families doesn’t stop when they leave her studio.”

Milizia had to wipe away tears talking about Bower-Logsdon after the recital.

“She puts forward her love of dance and it’s contagious,” Milizia said. “She puts her whole heart into it.”

Heather Kelley, the new owner of the dance studio, joins some of the dancers, including many alumni, in a number called, “Pass That.”

Kelley said she will continue Bower-Logsdon’s commitment to the community. Like Lisa, Heather has grown up in Holley and wants the dance studio to be a vital part of Holley for years to come.

“This has been my dream ever since I was little,” Kelley said.

These dancers perform “Gotta Be Mine” during the recital on Saturday.

This group performs “Fun” with some gravity-defying moves.

This younger group of dancers sport sunglasses in a number called, “Shades.”

“Dynamite” was one of many dancers with exuberant energy on stage.

“Sugar Sugar” featured dancers in colorful costumes with a lollipop prop.

This group performs M.C. hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” and even wore similar-style baggy pants as the rapper from the early 1990s.

“The Nicest Kids In Town” offered high-energy and upbeat music and moves.