Lisa Ireland picked president and CEO of international nonprofit

Staff Reports Posted 18 October 2022 at 9:21 am

Albion native previously served as United Way, Ministry of Concern director in Orleans County

MIAMI – The Longevity Science Foundation (LSF), a global nonprofit organization providing research funding to establish a longer and healthier human lifespan, has recently expanded by launching operations in the United States and appointing a new President & CEO, Lisa E. Ireland.

Lisa Ireland, Photo credit NSP Studio

Ireland, an experienced non-profit executive with more than 25 years of experience in administration, fundraising, donor engagement, strategy, and finance, will lead global operations for the Foundation.

Ireland is an Albion native who currently lives in Brockport. She previously led the Orleans County United Way and the Genesee-Orleans Ministry of Concern. She is a past president of the Brockport Board of Education.

She also has worked as Vice President For Institutional Advancement at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, and Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship at Rochester Institute of Technology.

“The longevity field is rapidly scaling, with the potential for life-changing technologies to enter into human practice within the coming years,” Ireland said. “As CEO, I am excited to bring longevity to the mainstream and encourage more individuals to learn about this growing field and the unique work the LSF does to support its progress.”

Previously based out of Switzerland, the LSF has opened a new chapter in Miami as a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. A group of physicians, investors, and other stakeholders founded the Longevity Science Foundation in 2021 to convene biotech founders, physicians, and research institutions in pursuit of lengthening the healthy human lifespan.

The Foundation uses a blockchain-based voting platform to distribute grant funding to projects advancing longevity science, focusing on therapeutics, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine and predictive diagnostics.

Garri Zmudze, the Executive Coordinator of the Longevity Science Foundation, said, “Miami is a city fostering innovation and community. We are thrilled to launch in the United States and work closely with the country’s incredible physicians, visionaries and other stakeholders to advance longevity research.”

All donors will have a voice in the Foundation’s funding decisions via LSF Points, an internal governance unit unique to the Longevity Science Foundation. Points will be allocated based on contribution amount as well as funding milestone, with higher point multipliers for early donors. LSF Points are classified as an ERC-20 token managed on the Ethereum blockchain, with full management by the LSF team. Both the voting platform and token are now live and available for access.

About the Longevity Science Foundation

The Longevity Science Foundation is a nonprofit organization advancing human longevity by funding research and development of medical technologies to extend the healthy human lifespan. The long-term mission of the Longevity Science Foundation is to help make longevity-focused care accessible to everyone, no matter their background, by bringing cutting-edge science on aging out of the laboratory and into the mainstream. To learn more, visit