Lighthouse Wind will steer Yates from becoming ghost town

Posted 7 October 2016 at 9:38 am


In regards to Mr. Watt’s letter that was posted on Oct. 3rd. There are several things I would like to address.

Only Mr. Simon and Mr. Riggi, on the Town of Yates board, have made it known they are against the Lighthouse Wind project in our Town. Mr. Simon and Mr. Riggi do not represent ALL residents of the Town of Yates. They only speak on behalf of SOS and the residents against the project. They really don’t care about the people who have signed a lease and numerous other residents who are for the project and what it can do for the growth of our town.

This is a way to revitalize our Town. This project will help all residents. I truly believe that the Town Board would find a way to reduce our taxes with the monies that the Town and School stand to receive when this project becomes a reality.

As I am a former elected Town Board councilwoman, I know the pressure that the remaining three board members are under. I commend them for their patience in getting all the facts and willingness to work with all of the residents of the Town of Yates. I am confident in them to remain open-minded until Lighthouse Wind releases a final application, because only at that time will we have ALL of the project details necessary to make a fact based decision.

Many of the residents, who have signed leases, are farmers. The taxes on tillable farm land is outrageous. Farmers are some the smartest people I know. They would not put their farm land in jeopardy if they stood a chance of losing thousands of acres, as SOS has often stated.

Mr. Watt would like to know if all leases will receive the same amount of money. My answer to that is this. It is not his or anyone else’s business. I really don’t care what my neighbors receive. That is not my business. If they get more than me, that’s great. I am not a greedy person, as SOS has called us, because we chose to sign. I have not been told I cannot talk about my lease. Whether I do or not is my choice and my business.

As far as Mr. Watt’s question about suing your neighbor. He should be asking board member Mr. Riggi. He can tell you how it is done. The previous board members approved a met tower to be erected on my property. On June 22, 2015, I was issued the building permit. On July 6, 2015, Mr. Riggi, President of SOS, did not like the decision made by the board and sued me and the Town of Yates. Absurd.

Mr. Watt commented, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Taylor Quarles and other representatives from Apex have invited persons to stop by their office in Barker to ask their questions and to talk about the Lighthouse project. Apparently Mr. Watt has not taken advantage of the invitation, because he doesn’t know the answers to his questions, many of which I have seen answered by Lighthouse Wind publicly. Furthermore, any remaining questions he has will surely be answered in the final application, if only he can be patient.

From the majority of the letters in the Orleans Hub, against Lighthouse Wind, the residents who are against the project, do not want answers to their questions. Are they afraid of getting facts, or do they choose to believe false statements from the opposition?

I have two questions for the Town of Yates residents: Are you satisfied the way the Town of Yates is today, on the road to becoming a ghost town? Personally, I am not. Why don’t you want to see improvements in our town that Lighthouse Wind Project cans bring us? Seems like a no-brainier to me and to other residents that know this project will help our Town grow.

Donna Bane

Town of Yates