Lighthouse Wind should hold public meetings for community – not just leaseholders

Posted 8 July 2018 at 9:20 am


A recent writer to the Letters to the Editor in the Orleans Hub suggested we might learn more about the proposed Lighthouse Wind project if we “Attend Meetings.” All I can say in reply is “I’d love to!”

If Lighthouse Wind were to be so kind as to tell me where and when they were holding public meetings, I would be standing in line to be the first one in the door so I could get a front row seat. The truth, however, is that Lighthouse Wind holds meetings for their leaseholders and, except for one or two public meetings early in the process three to four years ago, has been unavailable to the public at large.

The Town Boards of Yates and Somerset have invited Mr. Mark Goodwin, CEO of Lighthouse Wind’s parent company, Apex Clean Energy of Virginia, to meet with them; Mr. Goodwin has not even shown the common courtesy to have acknowledged receipt to their letters of invitation.

The new project manager for Lighthouse Wind, Mr. Paul Williamson, has thus far not shown his face in public since becoming involved in the project. The truth appears to be that Lighthouse Wind does not want public discussion, does not want to hear the voices of opposition to the project, and wants to force this project down the throats of these unwilling towns through the Article 10 process which has stripped home rule from the people.

Steve Royce