Lighthouse Wind opponents aren’t interested in facts with project

Posted 5 October 2018 at 10:39 am


I want to thank Lighthouse Wind for offering the towns so much information and transparency Tuesday night at LA Weber Middle School/High School.

Not only did Lighthouse Wind bring in experts who presented a wealth of information and then answered questions for over an hour, they videotaped and documented the evening and will post those and answers to remaining questions on the Lighthouse website within a month.

What many of us find so baffling is that the opposition continues to blast Lighthouse Wind for not doing enough outreach and then blasting them for having an info session.

The towns even went so far as to use our tax money to interfere with Tuesday night’s information session. This kind of action is making it clear that the opposition is not actually interested in facts. In fact, they are afraid of facts. They are obstructionists only.

Linda Fisk