Lighthouse Wind could help reverse decline in Somerset area

Posted 13 September 2016 at 5:18 pm


I moved to Somerset in 1992, and since then, I have seen a steady decline in the area. Our towns are literally “withering on the vine.”

Lighthouse Wind would bring needed economic development to our area for all residents, for our towns and schools and for the industry that has made this area rich in the past – our farming community.

Our school enrollments have continuously gone down. There is nothing here to draw new people or to keep our young people here. There are no new jobs, and our agricultural industry is being hit with a double whammy of rapidly declining milk prices and drought.

Yet, “those people,” our hardworking farmers, are being called out for looking at farming wind as “money grubbing.” Those farmers, who work from sun up to sun down making a decent living, are watching the anti-wind opposition call them out for looking to improve their own lives as well as the life of our community.

The Town of Somerset has had multiple opportunities for business to come in, and the town has failed. Somerset will never get 100% approval on a new business, but small numbers of opponents have blocked any kind of new business in the past. You know the list which includes Verizon, and one person was responsible for blocking that one.

Our area will continue to struggle if we do not plan ahead. Yes, wind power offers landowners individual payments, but it can also provide needed revenue for our towns and schools. These community benefits and blessings continue over the 30-year life of the project, and with them will come ancillary revenue to local businesses.

Lighthouse Wind will bolster our community, helping us not only survive, but thrive. I encourage readers to research the benefits more and the misinformation out there.

Lighthouse Wind has regular office hours, too, that you should take advantage of. Lighthouse Wind’s doors are open. Give them a visit.

I have found that my research into the wind farming uncovers many more positives than negatives. I encourage you to look further and do your research into the facts and the future of our area.

Floyd Koerner