Lighthouse Wind continues to face staunch opposition

Posted 17 July 2018 at 8:26 am


Some unwarranted criticism has been levelled against Somerset Supervisor Dan Engert for his claim that 70 percent of residents oppose the installation of industrial wind turbines in our community and are thus opposed to Lighthouse Wind.

Supervisor Engert is entirely correct, as not one, but three independent surveys have shown this to be the case. The high response rate to these surveys, over 60 percent participation, is the justification. If you care to ignore the statistical justification for this, as some are doing, there is other irrefutable evidence that supports the claim.

Consider the NYSDPS Lighthouse Wind website where over 1,000 entries oppose the project.

Consider the 30 organizations that are on record with significant concerns about the project or totally oppose it.

Consider the Save Ontario Shores organization and their hundreds of active supporters.

Consider the Power Coalition group of 12 organizations in opposition to the project.

Consider the numerous ordnances written in the Townships of Yates and Somerset with overwhelming public support that protect our Towns against the industrialization that project will bring.

Consider the numerous Town Board meetings over the past four years, most recently in the past week where those opposing the project have vastly outnumbered supporters.

Consider the political landscape, where through two election cycles, town board candidates in opposition to Lighthouse Wind in both Yates and Somerset have run unopposed or handily won. Supervisor Simon of Yates, a solid opponent of Lighthouse Wind, was elected to his original position on a write-in ballot. Quite a feat!

Those who question the overwhelming public opposition to Lighthouse Wind are in deep denial. There may be 10,000 or more acres under lease but acres do not vote, people vote, and they have spoken loudly and clearly that Lighthouse Wind is the wrong project in the wrong place. We do not want our quiet lakeshore community industrialized. The risks are too great. The benefits are nil.

The project must be cancelled.

James C. Hoffman