Life-long Republican is changing party affiliation due to dishonest, far-right GOP

Posted 29 October 2018 at 3:24 pm


On election day the powers that run our state will let me change my life-long registration as a Republican and register as a Democrat. It’s not that hard to explain.

There are times to stand up and be counted. This is one of them. First, when I first registered the Republican Party was fiscally conservative but centrist. Now it’s so far right it does not want to hear from anyone who does not tow the line.

Second, since Washington and how he did not, would not, lie about how the apple came off the tree, if a President lied it was considered a disqualification. Now just fact check to see that respect for the truth is not only treated as a joke but also changes daily. (28 Republican Congressmen are now running ads saying they were against excluding pre-existing conditions from insurance coverage when in fact they voted for it.)

Third, Republicans used to watch out for the middle class and promote fair treatment, immigration and citizenship for all – Italians, Germans, Irish and blacks alike. Now code words are being used and facts and figures manipulated to scare us into thinking there is some great problem at hand.

Fourth, the truth is that in practice there has been scant, if any, Republican-sponsored legislation that has helped my clients for over quarter century! The middle class here and everywhere is dwindling due to the depression in real wages and increased property taxes. Our County is forced to collect more property tax to pay for services the government used to help poor counties like ours pay.

Fifth, the Republican Party I knew used to respect the law, its processes and the men and women whose job it is to protect us. Do I have to say anything to convince you that proper law enforcement is now under attack. Think about it, if we do not respect for the law and each other how long can we last as a democracy? The answer is, we can’t!

Sixth, The United States put together, and still leads, a coalition of very prosperous and friendly nations which has kept the peace for almost two generations. This coalition is being torn apart.  Our enemy, Putin, just told the world that Trump listens to him and the US is a second class power. (Of course Putin says that as he wants people to believe it be true in order that he and his rather poor country can horn in.)

Seventh, I love and respect my wife and can not in good faith condone anything that disparages her or any other woman. It’s just not funny. And to laugh at or let any situation slide by that is thoroughly investigated is a dangerous precedent.

So, I have told you why I am changing parties. But there are ways that his followers are hurting themselves by blindly following him.

A. He is not preaching the principles that have made us strong for over 200 years and will go down in history very badly – perhaps worse then Andrew Jackson.

B. History also indicts anyone who has ever proposed we vote based on prejudice or fear and his/her followers.

C. History indicts anyone who is indicted, convicted, or associated with criminals.

D. The followers get labeled as liars, naive fools, and un-American subversives.

Trump is straying for the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and those not savvy enough to know that he is crossing the line are not in for an easy ride.

So, I will not be part of how Trump is hurting our country and I hope you decide to stay on the right side of history too.


Conrad F. Cropsey


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