Licensing cats would help rein in feral cat problem

Posted 4 March 2018 at 4:42 pm


Doug Domedion’s recent Pennysaver column on feral cats should have been an eye-opener. Now-neutered, drop-off cats account for seven of our eight felines (the eighth is from P.A.W.S.).  My Mom’s numbers are similar.

Those who have no concept of what havoc unwanted cats are doing to beneficial birds in Orleans County might consider what might be done about it. Addressing the issue positively is another way Orleans County could put itself on the map and improve matters for all of its living creatures.

Someone with Doug’s credibility might even suggest an imperfect “solution”. My admittedly cynical guess is that, “Oh! That is such a shame” will be the extent of our response.

As a starting point, I would suggest licensing them as we do dogs. Fees for spayed and neutered cats might be considerably lower than those charged for felines which haven’t been “taken care of”.

Or, we could just surrender as we so often do.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent