Libertarian candidate for county legislator deserves support from all parties

Posted 6 June 2019 at 7:29 am


I write to show my undying support for Chase Tkach as our next Orleans County legislator for an At-Large position. Chase would be a perfect fit for legislator.

She is a registered and endorsed Libertarian, who has strong values and a positive go-get-’em attitude. Experiences in her life bring bright new ideas to the table. She has worked at many jobs locally and she knows the struggle that we all face. She knows the need for continued leadership as well as different approaches and ideas to all aspects of local government.

Chase believes elected officials should listen to the community and wants to implement this in a new form. Chase has been quoted many times saying “…I see so much beautiful potential for this county that remains untapped.”

Some of the topics that Chase feels strongly about are as follows: Pro-Legalization of Marijuana, Pro-Second Amendment rights, Anti-Monopolized wind and solar farms, Pro-Lowering of taxes, and Anti-Spending of funds better used for other resources.

Most in this county will say they want change. Well change isn’t happening. Mr. Allport has been in this seat for far too long without listening to the people he represents. It’s time that changes.

I think Chase is one candidate all parties can find good in and get behind in the November election.

Thank you.

Ken Capurso

Town of Gaines