Writer thinks Albany is working against small towns

Posted 3 February 2014 at 12:00 am


Your editorial regarding the inequities of aid to villages was spot on (Click here to see “State shortchanges villages with aid, leading to their demise.”) I read the article and was in disbelief.

The current move in Medina towards dissolution of the village shows that this is reaching epidemic proportion. At the same time the state is offering incentives to remove layers of government.

I feel that the move is directly an attempt to give more control to Albany and less to the citizen. Other events and actions from Albany seem to back this up. For example the governor’s comments on “upstate,” and state infringement on the U.S. Constitution’s right to have guns.

While I do not want to sound like an anarchist or revolutionary, perhaps the layer of government that needs to be reduced lies at the state level.

Thank you,

Dayton Hausman