Towns aren’t responsible for plan following village dissolution

Posted 25 March 2014 at 12:00 am


I just read your editorial about the two towns’ response to the possible dissolution of the Village of Medina. I am surprised that you would state that, “the towns should put out their plan for what would happen with a village dissolution.”

That is exactly what they did in their letter. There they said, for better or for worse, that they will not cooperate with the village and its plans. I am uncertain as to why you think that it is the responsibility of the towns to present  the village’s point of view. Isn’t that the village’s job?

You are certainly right in saying that, “The towns for years have paid little attention to the village, despite village residents accounting for about half the population in the two towns.” Their plan certainly continues that tradition.

But the important information that the residents of the village need to have to decide on this issue is what savings will there be or what services will we lose if the village goes away. The towns can’t tell us that, only the village can and up to this point, rightly or wrongly, the village has not.

John Grimes