Support Orleans Community Health and ‘care close to home’

Posted 29 April 2014 at 12:00 am


The availability of quality, affordable healthcare is not only essential, but I believe is a right of every individual.

I have grown to love rural country living in Orleans County. It is also necessary for me to have quality local health care.  A recent local experience was not only life-saving, but humbling.

Here is my story:

I recently needed a 7-day inpatient stay at Medina Memorial Hospital to heal from a serious health condition. I experienced the highest quality of care and am extremely thankful to have witnessed such a high level of professionalism, expertise and teamwork.

From my diagnosis in the Emergency Room, to care in the Intensive Care Unit and in-patient wing; housekeeping, dietary, laboratory and patient care technicians. Everyone was accommodating, helpful and willing to go the extra step to assure the comfort of myself and my family.

I believe as area residents, we are all blessed to have full service healthcare available to us. Yes, the System has faced difficult times in the recent past. We all go through difficult times. It is how we respond that matters. I believe Orleans Community Health is making changes to assure that residents receive the best care possible.

If you have had a difficult experience at Orleans Community Health in the last year or the year before, let it go. It is a New Day!  If you have had trouble recently, speak up.  Ask to speak to someone.  They will make sure your issue is addressed within 24 hours.

Orleans Community Health has 400 dedicated employees ready to serve you. This is Our Healthcare System. Lend support by using services, volunteering your time and giving back. I cannot afford – we cannot afford – to drive 45 minutes to Batavia, Lockport, Buffalo or Rochester for care all the time. In some cases, time is critical.  We MUST have care close to home.

I thoroughly believe in the new direction of Orleans Community Health. Join me and share the good news. It is a New Day!

Jim Moody

(Moody is the Executive Director of the Orleans Community Health Foundation.  He says people are welcome to call him at 585-735-5566 to hear more about his experiences with local healthcare.)