Sunday market would draw customers to downtown Albion

Posted 28 August 2013 at 12:00 am

To the Editor:

With all due respect to one Mr. Vosburgh (Sunday farmers’ market with Holley vendor didn’t benefit village ), the intent of my previous letter was to draw attention to how a few bad apples can inhibit the growth of a good idea in our town, and we should not allow this to happen.

I have often visited the farm market on Route 31 (when I travel that way). But coming home from church on Sunday and stopping at a downtown farm market seemed to make sense. If the market had grown and attracted customers (canal traffic, sightseers, tourists, passersby on their way to our fishing and historic districts), they would have seen the businesses that downtown Albion has to offer and hopefully return.

If downtown business owners see a benefit to staying open on a Sunday, that would help as well. Yes, Mr. Vosburgh, some do work on a Sunday. Many tourist towns encourage Sunday business and find another day during the week to rest. I don’t care which Orleans County farm sells in Albion. All are fine establishments and work hard at what they do. This is an opportunity for family-owned farms to bring their produce to a population center, while keeping overhead down.

Keeping family-owned farms viable is a worthwhile effort. Pedestrian traffic in the village (some 5,000 people) could easily walk to the market to buy healthy produce. A nice alternative to the junk food available on a Sunday from the quick marts. And, Mr. Vosburgh, the last time I checked with the laws of New York State, home-grown produce is not taxable.

Again, setting petty differences aside, we need to work hand in hand to promote downtown, even if doing so on a Sunday.

Al Capurso