Shelby and Ridgeway Town Boards love subsidies from Medina

Posted 22 May 2014 at 12:00 am


Taxes inside the Village of Medina are the highest anywhere. It stands to reason – we are taxed for services we don’t receive.

Look at the 2013 town budgets to see what villagers pay for in their Town tax:

Town Boards
Town Supervisors
Town Auditors
Town Clerks
Town Attorney
Town Engineer
Town Elections
Central Storeroom
Traffic Control
Control of Dogs
Town Highway Superintendents
EDA Support
State Retirement
Social Security
Hosptial/Medical Insurance
Worker’s Compensation
Loan Interest
Brush and Weeds
Snow Removal
“Services For Other Governments”

All together, we pay $2.6 million for all these services every year.

What do village residents actually get for our money?  Not much:

Licenses (all of which we pay a fee for besides)
Courts (which is offset by fine income)

The Village is a Bank for the Towns with no pay back to the Village.  No wonder the Town Boards are spending our Tax dollars on PR agents and mass mailings to scare us  and village residents paid for those, too.

We need relief NOW! The Towns are unwilling to give any tax relief, so dissolving the Village government looks like our only hope.

Let the people vote on it.

David Barhite
Concerned Taxpayer in Medina