Ridgeway town supervisor is ignoring responsibility to serve all town residents

Posted 19 July 2014 at 12:00 am


Words escape me when I am angered. Brian Napoli is elected to represent all the residents of the Town of Ridgeway. His comments toward the Village of Medina’s attempts to resolve excess tax for service are vitriol, not the act of an elected official. (Click here to see “Shelby, Ridgeway won’t discuss dissolution with Medina.”

If you task someone with an agenda, do not be critical of the outcome! I believe Mr. Napoli was elected to represent the people of Ridgeway, not just those living outside the village limit. While I acknowledge that the village adds a layer of government, that is the whole purpose of the discussion.

Either eliminate a layer of government and get on with it (sorry fellow town residents) or reduce the duplication and cost of services! This bickering is just childish!

On another note, perhaps we should look at secession from the Town of Ridgeway. How would that help your taxes???

Dayton Hausman