Medina/Ridgeway resident wants Ridgeway officials to talk dissolution with village

Posted 9 July 2014 at 12:00 am


I have followed the discussion on village dissolution since the first committee was begun years ago. At that time, everyone from village and both towns rolled their sleeves up and worked together at one table. I was on that committee for a period of time, so I saw it with my own eyes.  Never could I imagine the factionalism that would follow.

As I read the email comments that were made public regarding a meeting between officials of the towns and the village, I noted that Mr. Napoli (Ridgeway town supervisor) stated that dissolution was not a topic to be discussed. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room!

As I read that, I realized that the leaders in the towns are not representing the totality of their constituents as they draw these very deep lines in the sand. What if some of us in Ridgeway would like dissolution to be discussed?

Have the towns done a survey of their constituents to see how what the public sentiment is about the matter of dissolution? Surveys can be done very cheaply these days and I would much prefer money spent on that than on a disinformation campaign and public relations guru.

I have seen signs up outside the village limits that support One Medina.  Thus, the elected officials have taken sides that do not necessarily represent their constituents. Who has given them their marching orders?

I believe Ed Weider’s letter hits the nail on the head. We’ve come to the table many times on this matter, and now that are elected officials, who are supposed to be representing all of their constituents, are picking and choosing what they will discuss for us. Let’s move on to the ultimate form of a survey – a vote.

If the village decides to dissolve, we should not take a moment to despair in the towns. There are people in the village and towns that can help – we have vast amounts of talents within our borders. We do not need p.r. specialists nor I might add do we need consultants any longer.

We have the ability to work together, we have proven it for almost 200 years. Let’s move beyond the petty bickering, realize that we can face the future challenges, draw on all of our skills and talents of young and old, and face the future with confidence.


Ann W. Bunch
Resident of the Village of Medina and the Town of Ridgeway