Resident wants to know full PR costs from Ridgeway and Shelby

Posted 27 May 2014 at 12:00 am


Recently, Channel 4 investigations found that Ridgeway and Shelby hired an expensive PR firm from New York City for $6,000 to influence the media  and citizens how to report  and interpret dissolution.

Two mailers were sent to my home. Neither one was especially informative. Who paid for this skewed information? What did that cost? What about their website, phone line, all the ads, and signs?

When interviewed by Channel 4, not one of the town’s elected reps talked, only an attorney? Someone is making a lot of money on all this, and who pays? Looked at your tax bill lately? If our little Shelby and Ridgeway can’t speak honestly regarding dissolution, it is so insulting to me to have a PR person and attorney do it, with tax money.

Time to face the facts, which were laid out quite simply for FREE by Mr. Barhite in his recent letter to the editor.

Deborah Rodrigues