Resident supports non-incumbents for County Legislature

Posted 29 October 2013 at 12:00 am


When you go the polls on Nov. 5 to elect a County Legislature, please consider the following:

The incumbents are POOR BUSINESS PEOPLE.

They “sold” our County Visiting Nurse service and NEVER got paid for it.

They gave outpatient mental health services to Genesee County. Now Genesee County gets the Medicaid money – and Orleans County pays it to them!

The Legislature has hired a consultant to look into Medicaid billing errors, but has not hired anyone to recover amounts they missed.

The incumbents do not keep their word:

They tried to sell our nursing home in 2011 – when an independent audit stated the finances weren’t as severe as Mr. Callard thought and opposition arose – it was tabled until 2014. Then in February of 2013 they voted to sell by the end of 2014.

The sale is being handled by their own Secret Society – known as an LDC that doesn’t appear to report to us owners/voters.

The incumbents have not said what exactly they are selling: The Nursing Home building? The equipment? The land it sits on?

What happens to the other county offices that are in that complex – do we pay rent to the new owners? Build a new building to house them?

Since the reimbursement for Medicaid takes up to two years, there is a shortfall in cash flow, but in terms of bottom line loss the most recent answer is only available for the fiscal year 2011. So how did the legislators come up with the tax levy?

You, the voters, don’t know how much money has been collected in the past two years (there has been a line item on the taxes) – if it was all used, and if any was left, how much? Where is it?

I urge you to let these county employees go and let some one else do our business for a while! Vote for Non-Incumbents!

Susan Defendorf