Resident says dissolution has been studied enough, and should go to a vote

Posted 1 July 2014 at 12:00 am


This letter is addressed to the Medina Village Board. It is time to let the people of Medina vote on the question of dissolution.

Much research has been collected and analyzed. A committee made up of community leaders was named to study the question and make a recommendation. The committee studied and recommended.

The question to dissolve the village government has been discussed ad nauseam. It’s time to let the people of Medina decide. Those opposing the dissolution need to do just one thing: delay the vote. The longer the vote is delayed, the longer the status quo remains, and the longer the people of Medina have no voice.

There is no need for more study or more debate. It is time for a vote. After the vote is counted, local officials from the towns and the village must live with the results of that vote, work together, develop a plan, and do what they are elected to do: provide the best possible services at an equitable cost to both town and village residents.

The Medina area has much to offer and is a great place to live. There is a great school system that has shown it can adapt to change. In the surrounding towns the family-owned agribusinesses carry on a rich agricultural tradition. There are recreational and tourist destinations like Oak Orchard Creek and the canal. The village has a beautiful downtown that is beginning to revitalize. There are neighborhoods with beautiful new and older homes.

But the community’s future is in jeopardy. Blight is spreading in areas you would least expect. Just drive down West Avenue to see once beautiful homes, with architectural features that will never again be duplicated, deteriorating more and more each day.

Eliminating a level of government or two, centralizing services that can be centralized and spreading the tax burden evenly isn’t going to cure all of the area’s ills, but it is a step in the right direction.

Edwin Weider