Resident questions if county has told whole story of nursing home finances

Posted 22 October 2013 at 12:00 am


Who will take care of you?  Do you have a list of loving people who will be waiting to take care of you when the time comes and it will come. Your crystal ball works better than mine and I have a loving family.

One car accident, one doctor’s appointment can change anyone’s life at any moment. It is smug how some feel differently. But it is for sure that we will all die, and it is a comfort to know that there is top quality skilled care close to home when it is needed.

Or will we have to send loved ones out of the county for affordable care? Then we, the taxpayers, will pay another county the Medicaid payment to take care of our loved ones.  Because of distance, visits from us will be fewer. The money won’t be kept here to support our County Nursing Home.

The sale of Orchard Manor in Medina to a big out-of-state corporation should have opened many eyes. It is said that one of the legislators who has a parent in Orchard Manor talked to the person in charge because their parent was not being cared for properly. The care and treatment of employees seem to have gone downhill quickly, as well. Then that same legislator took the big wigs from Orchard Manor on a possible buyer’s tour of the Villages and showed them around. (Does that suggest poor judgment?)

The bottom line for many is most important. The County Nursing Home is not supposed to make money. But the current legislators have not done everything they can do to change the bottom line. They are being deceitful not to include the previous year’s IGT revenues in the bottom line showing a larger deficit than should be. You wonder why this side’s numbers are different from that side’s numbers; well this is one of the reasons – DECEIT.

Politics as usual aren’t working anymore.

We need people who are willing to look for ways to bring in more revenues, like finding tenants for current facilities not being used at the County Nursing Home. A & B wings could bring in more revenue.

The Building and Grounds Department renovated part of A wing to house the Board of Elections Office. Why can’t they renovate the other unused areas that are available?  Because a majority of the current Legislators are not interested in finding more revenue.

It has been in some of the legislators’ minds to sell at the first chance available. Shame on them. They don’t want to hear any constructive ideas or anything good about having a county-owned nursing home. If they can’t do the job for the residents of Orleans County, they should be voted out. If there is no one running against them, we should not vote for them to show them we disapprove.

Vote for the four “Save Our County Nursing Home” candidates who are running. There is way too much back scratching going on in this county. We the voters can make a difference. Vote at the polls or absentee ballot. Let your voice be heard.

Claudette Creasey