Resident is opposed to new quarry by wildlife refuge

Posted 12 May 2014 at 12:00 am


I wish to add my voice to the opposition of the Frontier Stone Company’s proposal to mine limestone next to the Iroquois Wildlife Management Area. The possible harm to the habitat and ground water within miles of the quarry will no doubt reverberate for the 75 or more years of the mine’s operation.

Make no mistake, there is big money involved here. One hundred seventy-two acres wide and 175 feet deep is a lot of limestone. They will have to pump out over half a million gallons of water a day, every day. That muddy discharge will go in a “drainage ditch” which will eventually find its way into the Oak Orchard River.

The harm to the river is incalculable and will be irreversible. The vibrations from blasting, drilling, front end loaders, crushers will resonate over this once peaceful farmland.

The resulting lowering of the water table will rob the neighboring Wildlife Refuge of its essential water. A tremendous amount of dust will pervade the atmosphere for miles around.

The time for public comment has been extended by the New York State DEC to June 9. You can mail your comments to:  Scott Sheeley, regional permit administrator, DEC Region 8, 6274 Avon-Lima Rd., Avon, NY 14414-9519. You can also email him at:

This is important. We stand to gain only 15 jobs with this needless quarry and run the risk of endangering a very important wildlife area. Unfortunately, money talks and nature walks, unless we stop them.

Al Capurso