One Medina government is stronger than three

Posted 8 May 2014 at 12:00 am


This week the beginning of the emotions of our town and village residents came out at the dissolution meeting at the middle school. This is understandable and predictable.

This process is also necessary to let our thoughts be heard, and to let out our fears and frustrations.

What is occurring is the only step that could present itself at this time. In 2011 there was agreement between the two towns and the village representatives that moving toward one entity was in the best interest of all. Now in 2014 the political reality is if you are elected in Shelby or Ridgeway you have no motivation to do anything other than keep things the same.

The only way anything could move along is with the Village starting the change.

If there is one entity, one merged unit the taxes for many will go down, and the rest will be close to equalized with a merger of all.

The hardest thing to realize and see is that one entity over time is simpler, less costly, and better able to accommodate growth than three. Three governments always will create more long-term cost than one. Three governments will always be more restrictive than one. Three governments will always create more duplication than one.

The benefits we will gain can be hard for some to grasp. The benefits come after we are one. So look at where we are, and understand … One Medina is stronger than Three!

Dean Bellack