New Barre fire hall driven by want, not need

Posted 2 June 2014 at 12:00 am


Although it is well and good to compare a fire protection tax to your garbage tax, I feel it is unfair for Ms. Babcock not to mention the majority tax base of Barre consists of open farmland. (Click here to see “Writer urges support for new Barre Fire Hall.”)

Farmland is also taxed on fire service. Unless there is a major grass fire, it pretty much takes care of itself.

The statement made of a minimal increase to the average home may be correct but it is not completely accurate in the overall equation. A taxpayer foots the bill no matter where the money comes from.

A new roof and a handicapped accessible entrance do not seem like insurmountable challenges for the current hall.

Will someone just please be honest and say they just WANT a new fire hall?

Martin Bruning